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Digital is the link in the Continual Retail chain that increases the effectiveness of all the others. A strong digital strategy enables whole new ways to track inventory and learn about your customers. And interacting with great digital experiences—in-store, online or anywhere in between—creates emotional connections that make your brand more memorable, shareable and ultimately saleable.

How unified is your brand’s look, feel and voice across channels? *

Where do your customers like to shop? *

How easy is it for consumers to purchase your products on their phones and in their homes?

90% of retail sales are still made in-store, which means the need for product displays is alive and well. Well-designed displays build your brand, demonstrate product benefits and differentiate you from the competition. Answer these questions to see how hard your brand’s displays are working to grow sales and build recognition.

 Are your displays disruptive? *

If one hundred people walked by one on your displays, how many would stop to look at it?

Are your displays informative? *

How confident are you a person could describe in one sentence what your product does and why they need it?

Are you displays interactive? *

Do your displays enable people to explore your products, either physically or digitally?

Are a type of display that transform key retail sites into branded locations. They can elevate your brand by giving you the space and control needed to provide your customers with outstanding retail experiences. While the investment can be high, the payoff in brand recognition, store presence and customer experience is well worth it.

Do you have a portfolio of products that work together within an ecosystem? *

Would your products’ benefits, or the lifestyle your brand promises, be clearer if they were presented within an immersive experience? *

Experiential is one of the new front lines of Continual Retail. It’s a space with few creative or operational constraints, which gives brands the freedom to connect with customers in new ways. With a low barrier to entry and high degree of impact, progressive brands are increasingly investing in Experiential design to excite their customers’ imaginations and spur purchase.

Can you quickly deploy in new markets or respond to new sales opportunities? *

Can you be where your customers are, like an event or a neighborhood gathering, at any given time? *

Do you have an innovative brand that aligns with a more disruptive marketing approach? *

Do you use rich media (like video, interactive displays or VR) to clarify your products’ benefits and connect with shoppers? *

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